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The Centerpath Encyclopedia

The Centerpath Encyclopedia brings Centerpath’s ideas full circle showing readers how all elements of nature, the cosmos, our lives, and society are formed into the same center-oriented patterns. Presented in an easy-to-read format accompanied by copious graphics, readers have been enthralled finding just how much their and mankind’s worlds are forged in the same patterns as those of nature.
The structure of its chapters demonstrates its breadth and excitement.

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Part I – The Patterns of Nature and Life

  • Matter
  • Crystal Planet
  • The Cosmos
  • Life’s Forms

Part II – Man’s Organizations

  • Groups
  • Infrastructure
  • Institutions
  • The Rhythm of Life (How Time Passes)

Below are excerpts from the Encyclopedia demonstrating its wide range of topics.

  • With the onset of a couple’s first pregnancy, the center dynamics of a family evolve in new and fascinating ways. For upon the emergence of a new born a couple’s center (their love) ‘transforms’ into the new physical ‘baby’ that now very strongly unites them. All new parents know it’s true because practically all their energy and efforts now go into feeding, clothing, bathing, napping, playing, changing, and rocking to sleep their new born –their whole life becomes aligned to the baby’s needs.
  • Homes, just like a cell, require a myriad of energy ‘management’ and housekeeping chores to maintain it as a viable operating unit. Hence we bring in energy and consume it in our kitchens as do chloroplast and mitochondrion stations in a cell, we have energy carriers (us and our machines) to do work like ATP in a cell, we store food and goods (like Gogli apparatus), we discharge waste just across our cell’s outer membrane, and we transmit information like RNA through our shared beliefs and discussions.
  • It’s interesting to note the biggest holidays and celebrations of the year are those associated with returning to the source of our prime personal, spiritual, and societal centers. On an individual basis it’s our birthday when we return to our birth, on a national basis it’s our Independence Day celebration where our country began, on a spiritual basis it’s the birthday of the prevailing religious figure (Christmas in the USA), and on a humanity-wide basis it’s the New Year’s celebration which marks the passage of time which we all share and are ultimately subject to.
  • We find a more distant and truly staggering example of just how interconnected the planet is to larger things when we consider just how deeply all life on our planet is ‘aligned’ to the sun. For since plants are the first line in the food chain and because they all ‘point’ to the sun –this means all of life on the planet is aligned to the sun through our trees and plants! Think about it for a moment. When we and animals seek out plants, and these same plants seek out the sun for their driving energy, we are all ultimately ‘pointing’ to the sun –the food chains common center. As you can see the power and reach of centers can be staggering!
  • But even for all their extreme variety and sophistication social institutions still reflect where they came from – tribes. For just like their tribal predecessors the shape of institutions and their functions reflects a centralized structure in both their pyramidal-like organizations and core purposes. Indeed at all scales of institutions –whether at scales of nations, states, counties, cities, towns, or homes; institutions organize about powerful ruling entities at their core. Such cores include kings, queens, governors, presidents, chairmen, teachers, coaches, and parents. These centers also set the agenda and tone for the larger whole they organize. Hence whether in a home where parents make the rules or in a nation where the ruling class does; both keep its participants aligned to what ‘the center requires’.