Centerpath Overview

Centerpath reveals…the sacred connection we share with all things…
how we can use nature’s wisdoms in our lives…
answers to life’s greatest enigmas…and more…

The six essential principles of Centerpath are;

  1. All Things Share a Common Design From atoms to galaxies, cells to societies—and in our lives; all things share the same essential center-oriented design—so called Centerpatterns.
  2. A Common, Underlying Creative Process Underlies All Things All of nature’s patterns share the same center-oriented design because they’re all forged from a similarly acting, center-dominated creative process. We call this process the Center Ordering Principle.
  3. The Universe Naturally Generates Harmony The universe’s center-oriented, creative process naturally generates a host of beneficial and aesthetically pleasing qualities—quite literally nature is hard wired to produce worlds of beauty, balance and harmony.
  4. Centerpath Improves the Quality of Lives Centerpath shows how you can use nature’s wisdoms to bring balance, harmony and holism back into your life.
  5. Centerpath Connects Man, Nature, and the Divine Centerpath links the physical and spiritual realms in ways never imagined. Through Centerpath, your connection to nature, our planet, the cosmos, and the divine will be revealed.
  6. Centerpath Provides Answers What’s the meaning of life? Do we have a soul? Do I have a destiny? Which path should I take? Is there a god? Click here to glean profound insights to nature’s greatest enigmas.

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Centerpath Hopes

Jin hopes readers’ find great solace discovering just how closely their lives are linked to nature. A connection sadly obscured by the hustle and bustle of modern society and its never ending need for more-and-more. In some small way, Centerpath hopes to restore the good and necessary relationship with share with nature.

Jin also hopes Centerpath’s ideas rejuvenate enthusiasm towards the mysterious and magnificent ways of the universe. To this end, Centerpath provides readers many avenues to explore nature and reacquaint with her. Those on the Centerpath might even discover their place in the great jigsaw puzzle of being
–and possibly reexamine his or her role in it.

In such a brave new world, we begin seeing our true role in the universe’s larger web of relationships. Ultimately becoming more sensible and mindful participants in nature’s delightful dance of being we are so blessed to experience and enjoy.