The Centerpath Papers

This 8-part series introduces the Center Organizing Principle and how nature relates to our lives. The papers are revolutionary in their vision, spanning diverse topics such as creation, the notion of a universal fractal, holistic systems, how language and our minds work, and much more. The Centerpath Papers include the following chapters/topics:

  1. The Center Organizing Principle
  2. Centers
  3. Centerpatterns
  4. Centerevents
  1. The Universal Fractal
  2. The Center Organizing Principle of Language
  3. The Center Organizing Principle of Holistic Systems
  4. The Center Organizing Principle of Mind

Get a taste of the Centerpath Papers by reading the excerpts below.

“For all their seeming wild assortment and variety, all of the world’s fantastic creations – its planets, stars, cells, societies, critters, crawlers, peoples, and pineapples – in fact share something very essential in common. They all began from a minute, yet divinely significant, point of inception – an originating center.”

“Centers are the singular and centrally situated objects residing at the hearts of objects, things, entities, and places. They begin where change and fluctuation occur and where energy amasses. Paradoxically, centers also mark the location where the opposite quality concentrates, i.e. where emptiness and the void thrive.”

“We can see the calm side of centers in the eye of a hurricane, in quiet moments that mark remembrances, and the tranquil greens at city centers. Some centers aren’t even visible, like massive and powerful black holes lurking at the center of galaxies and the strike zone in American baseball.”

“Nature and life are truly wonders to behold. With their seething diversity, mind-boggling complexity, and delicately balanced symbiotic relationships – all without a single trace of man’s intervention – one could be led to conclude such an ultra-harmonious symphony of creation could only come about with some sort of divine intervention. Even science admits its theories fall short of a complete explanation. And while we’ll never fully comprehend the dynamics behind nature’s grand design, we can speak of the paths nature favored along the way. Even for all of life’s riotous diversity, there are only a few basic forms that produce its stunning array of creations. These are…”

“It seems all of life is patterned like “the calm after the storm.” Like finding shining pots at the end of rainbows, knowing it’ll get worse before it gets better, and awaiting the fat lady to sing; the pattern of nature and life’s events feature a crescendo-like rise followed by a dramatic reversal once the event’s climax is achieved. We all recognize this pattern and share a deep intuitive sense of it. It’s also one that “masters of the first rank” use to its fullest effect.”

“A naturally occurring result of centers being at the core of creations is they naturally unite what would otherwise be a group of unassociated things or parts. Centers naturally promote larger, collaborative, holistic relationships. By the sheer act of aligning a host of parts to a common point or theme, centers impart cooperativeness to the parts around a larger purpose.”