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Centerpath Chronicles

The Centerpath Chronicles is filled with touching insights to just how deeply Centerpath permeates nature and our lives. Skillfully lurching and landing on different places on the Centerpath terrain; Chronicles’ offers great insights to Centerpath and how closely it relates to our lives.

See for yourself through the following Chronicles’ excerpts.

  • One day some ten years ago, the world suddenly appeared very differently to me. Following several months of increasingly close-encounters in nature, my awareness of my surroundings surged in a crescendo –sparking a powerful epiphany that forever changed my life—and laid the seeds for Centerpath to emerge.
  • Its little surprise Bhudda gained his awareness under the Bodi tree. For residing in their sprawling geometry lie all the necessary clues toward understanding the various mysteries of the universe.
  • Symmetry, balance, and beauty –the kind of qualities we’d all like to fill our lives with for the harmony and pleasing holism they inspire –and the promise of what they might bring. Qualities we can in fact naturally build back into our lives once we re-establish qualities of heart at the core of our existence.
  • Nature abhors distortion. Instead it spontaneously produces larger holistic creations that are formed in as nearly a perfect symmetry as possible. Symmetry is part and parcel to nature and her way.
  • It’s amazing to find just how much of nature’s creations and indeed our lives are created from what are nothing more than little, fleeting moments in time. Little instances of change such as a fluctuation, a thought, the moment of an interaction that serves as the seedling of something much larger to follow. It’s this very same dynamic that sees an entire volcano form from what was only a small lava flow poking its way through the surface of the earth’s crust. It’s also where a new idea is conceived that eventually resonates throughout a society and where a butterfly’s wings change weather patterns half way around the world. It’s the way the universe works and the way of our lives.
  • Because all things indeed return to their source, by thinking ‘in reverse’ we’re able to see the importance of keeping the end in mind. Why? Because ends inherit the character of the beginning so by visualizing the outcome of a seed-like decision or behavior –we have more information by which to make better decisions and gauge how we’re conducting our lives in the present tense.
  • A jigsaw puzzle reflects the subunit-to- larger unit tendency of the universe. The typical strategy to construct a jigsaw puzzle begins by bunching several similar pieces (subunits) together, forming larger units. As we progress through the puzzle, the groups of pieces (units) are then combined until the finally, the entire ‘whole’ puzzle is complete – forming yet a larger Centerpath whole completion, a puzzle ever greater.
  • A large part of being human is the belief we’re autonomous and independent from our surroundings. That we make and largely control our world, and have little interconnectivity beyond the place in time and space we occupy at the time. But this is just an illusion created by only seeing the world in a very close up view. In fact through centers we find we’re delightfully interconnected to a huge number of worlds operating within us and beyond us and beyond our control.
  • Our every action and interaction is subject to the laws of nature. One such law is all imbalances will eventually be restored to a balanced state. It’s a prime element of entropy (a subject of thermodynamics) and is also especially true about things connected to a common center.
  • We all feel the pull of impending destiny. A nagging suspicion the culminating event of our life –our purpose or a big success, is right around the corner. Indeed this feeling is what the physical embodiment of ancient mazes and labyrinths were intended to convey across a vast range of continents and cultures. The symbolic meaning of mazes in many cultures reflects the idea of an inner journey through the confusing and conflicting pathways of the mind until the seeker reaches the center and discovers the essential reality of his or her own nature. In a most wonderful sense, you have returned to the source of who you are which in the end is an expression of the universe’s natural way.
  • No matter how hard we might try to anchor ourselves to the spot we occupy in the universe, there’s always larger tides ready and able to whisk us away without our consent. Fads, crazes, wars, and disease can and do affect how we think, act, and feel. But how we react to these tides is also very important and largely defines who we are.
  • So whether you’re the head of a household, sporting team, in a position of power, or author of a great work; always try to lead with a fair and principled hand, set an example, and always try to do the right thing and enjoy when all things naturally fall into place.
  • Since we’ve seen practically all aspects of our lives are inextricably linked to and set on their course by what’s going on in inside (quite literally in the space between our ears), we’d behoove ourselves by getting our figurative mental house in order. To focus our mind and psychic energy to a quieter, firmer, and more peaceful spot so that everything spinning out from it is equally well balanced and right. To, in the truest of terms; become centered and rock solid. To develop and operate from a heart of gold such that when we go out into the world, all we radiate is similarly well — conceived, rays of gold.
  • Our life is the same. We don’t always have an answer at hand or know where we’re necessarily going but if we wait and trust in our good intentions, all the events and uncertainties in our life will go where they need to find their purpose and meaning. Whether it’s a decision, a dialogue, a new career path, or a personal long term plan; the universe steadfastly teaching us the virtue of being patient so that all things have the time they need to mature into something beautiful, right, balanced, and enduring.
  • Since the character of our thoughts have so much to do with the quality and character of our lives; we need to focus on methods to improve the quality of our thoughts. This is more difficult a chore than most imagine at first. Our thoughts arise very quickly. So quickly in fact they emerge without much conscious control. Thus in order to best boost our lives’ overall wellness it’s essential we get our internal mental landscape in order because it is from our basic mindset, disposition, and habits of thought that practically all our thoughts are generated, and thereby set the stage for the content of our entire life.
  • I’ve learned a lot from my children. One such lesson is that in the absence of physical pain (and later the pain associated with desire and not getting what we want), the natural disposition of children is to be happy. They live their lives with simple motivations –naturally, spontaneously, and freely interacting with and exploring their world. We see this disposition in senior citizens as well whom after achieving so many of life’s goals, are able to once again clear their minds and reconnect with the simplicity and spontaneity residing naturally at the core of our being.
  • What used to be an integral part of the rituals of most societies, the expression of thanks and gratitude has gone out of favor these days. However the ritual of giving thanks brings about many real and immediate benefits. You see…
  • In the end is there anything more important than how people remember us? Does such a consideration once and for all settle the score on how we should conduct our lives? At the end of life’s great journey, the one true and enduring thing remaining is the memories we form in the hearts and souls of others. It’s our very own self-written biography composed from our every word, action, and interaction we undertake. Taken together forming our living and lasting epitaph. So what will be your epitaph? When you look at the end of your life what do you want it to look like? Do you see a joyous and heartfelt celebration of the person you were? Is the way you lived your life; and are the decisions you’ve made along the way consistent with such an outcome? Only time will tell.